Last year, I was one of the cooks for the Playwrights Foundation‘s award-winning entry in Crowded Fire’s Chili Cookoff. This year, all I had to do was eat and drink.

You may remember that yesterday was a beautiful day — a perfect day to climb to the roof of the San Francisco LGBT center, listen to some bluegrass music, drink beer, and eat a lot of chili. Impact Theatre, Killing My Lobster, PlayGround and Crowded Fire all submitted entries in three categories. Impact had an amazing vegetarian chili, Crowded Fire had the winning traditional chili (Erin Gilley’s “Gilley Chili”) and then there was the best: “anything goes.”

Last year, Impact rocked it with an ostrich chili. This year, the winner was a Moroccan Lamb chili — but two of the more spectacular entries were Impact’s chili-infused Bloody Mary and PlayGround’s chili-spiced chocolate brownies.

How does a brownie made of chili taste, you might ask? Ever had Mitchell’s Mexican Chocolate ice cream? Kinda like that, only a brownie.

Besides eating, drinking and dancing, there was also plenty of talking and schmoozing. Aaron Loeb was there, with his gorgeous daughter stealing the show by breakdancing to the bluegrass. Plus Enrique, Melissa, Cheshire, Michele, Lawrence, Trevor, Kathy, Erin and just about anybody else you know in the SF Theater World.

Best fundraiser around. And it’s annual, so next year, who knows? Chili Cake? Chili Milk Shakes? Chicken Fried Chili?


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