Berkeley Rep Blog

I just found out Berkeley Rep has started a blog, with stories of what happens behind the scenes, such as all the work that went into creating accurate newspapers for Itamar MosesYellowjackets:

The newspapers come up in numerous scenes and in different formats. The actors make layouts of pages, have printed proofs, read from pages, and have stacks of these newspapers all as props. We couldn’t get away with glued-together pages or faking a front page and filling the rest with some other newspaper.

A lot of times, theaters start blogs at the beginning of the season, and the blog dies out before the end of the first show. Here’s hoping this one stays around, because Berkeley Rep’s doing some pretty cool stuff this year. It’d be great to hear about Mary Zimmerman‘s process or how the prop guys create all the dead bodies that pile up in Martin McDonagh‘s Lieutenant of Inishmore.