What I Want To See In September

Somebody has to have done a study that says opening your season in September means you’re not gonna get a big audience, because you’re in competition with EVERYBODY (plus all the new TV shows) because EVERYBODY opens their show the first week of September. I can’t imagine I’m gonna have time to see all the shows I want to see this month, and I’m a pretty motivated theatergoer. No way your casual theater audience is gonna make it to all these cool-sounding shows:

  • Itamar MosesYellowjackets at Berkeley Rep (Sep 3 – Oct 12)
  • San Francisco Fringe Festival at Exit Theatre (Sep 3 – Sep 14)
  • Lauren Yee’s Ching Chong Chinaman by Impact Theatre (Sep 5 – Oct 11)
  • Lee Blessing’s Flag Day by Second Wind (Sep 5 – Sep 21)
  • Lunatique Fantastique’s Chicken Stock at The Marsh (Sep 6 – Sep 14)
  • Duncan Sheik and Steven Sater’s Spring Awakening at Curran Theatre (Sep 7 – Oct 12)
  • Laura Schellhardt’s The K of D at Magic Theatre (Sep 27 – Oct 19)

So, as long as I do no writing of my own and spend every available night at shows, I’m in good shape.


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