How To Make A Living In Theatre

First, get your real estate license.

From an article on the Extra Criticum blog:

Here for your amusement, is a random list of some line-items culled from a recent look at some Form 990s, the public tax returns filed by non-profit theatres all across the country….

$210,009.00        Annual salary for Clerk of the Board of Directors

$146,500.00        Fee to a “Philanthropic” Consultant

$99,889.00          Fee to a Real Estate Consultant

$63,400.00          Fee to a Management Consultant

$135,080.00        Feasibility Study for Endowment Campaign


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  1. Hey Tim:
    Thanks for noticing my post. We’ve gotten some interesting feedback on this… predictably not all of it positive. Oh well.
    -Rolando Teco
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