Theater Dogs Article On YELLOWJACKETS

Chad Jones has an article up on his Theater Dogs site talking about a cool thing: The play’s about the Berkeley High School student newspaper, and Berkeley Rep’s set up a journalism summit for teen journalists, where they get to interact with big time reporters (including the aforementioned Chad Jones).

Cool outreach/tie-in, and a great opportunity for up-and-coming journalists. We never had anything like that back when I was on the student newspaper (for a week, before I discovered theatuh. Or more specifically, discovered that the only time girls were allowed into our all-boy high school was when they were rehearsing for the school play. Sign me up!)

On a side note: That’s my friend Alex Curtis with the skateboard in the cast photo above, getting ready to make his Berkeley Rep debut. Go see him. He’s great. (Well, I’ve only seen him improvise, but all the best improvisers I know make for really good, spontaneous, and real actors, so I assume he’ll be great in this too.)

The teen thing, for students grade 9-12, is Aug 18, 9:30AM – 3:30PM, at Berkeley Rep School of Theatre. Yellowjackets is Aug 29 – Oct 12 at Berkeley Rep Theatre.