Don’t Forget To Drink Tonight

Marisela has organized a new Playwrights Pub Night tonight. Since it’s during the week that the BAPF playwrights are in town, there’s a chance you could meet up with not only your favorite local playwrights like Peter Nachtrieb and Marisela Treviño Orta and Maria Rokas and Cass Brayton and Ken Slattery; not only your other local playwrights like Tim Bauer; not only your favorite dramaturgs like Nakissa Etemad; but quite possibly some of your favorite playwrights from around the world. At the very least, there will be beer and theater talk and good times had by all. Especially beer.

Tonight at 8:00, Inner Mission Tavern, 3349 20th St, San Francisco.


2 Replies to “Don’t Forget To Drink Tonight”

  1. Prince, some day you’ll make it to one of our pub nights.

    And Tim, thanks for staying that last hour. I think it was a great night! Thanks for co-hosting.

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