Friday’s The Day!

The Bay Area Playwrights Festival kicks off tonight with Marcus Gardley’s new play every tongue must confess, followed by a kickoff party that will hopefully include brownie bites.

I really dig BAPF, so this should be a fun weekend. I love the marathon aspect of seeing 10 new play readings in just a few days. I love the community aspect of seeing all my peeps from Playwrights Foundation, PlayGround, Crowded Fire, Magic Theatre and everybody all in one place. And I love the special events.

They always do a morning panel and an afternoon reception. This year the panel should be extremely short, since it’s called “Making a Life as a Playwright.” I imagine it will be one minute of “Go work on a TV show,” followed by 59 minutes of bagels and coffee.

On a side note, take a look at the headshots of the participating playwrights. Do they have some kind of glamour filter over at the Playwrights Foundation? What are these people doing behind-the-scenes? Get these handsome folk up on a stage somewhere!

Bay Area Playwrights Festival, Jul 25 – Aug 3, at Magic Theatre. Tickets at


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  1. Hey, Tim!

    See you at tonight’s reading. I too hope brownie bites will be in our future tonight. I’ll be going to everything this weekend, or at least that’s the intention.

    See you guys there.

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