What I Want To See In July

I did a terrible job seeing plays in May and June, what with all the prep for traveling, then the traveling, and then the catching up when I got back. I think I planned to see six or seven shows, and I ended up seeing one.

This month should be a little smoother because (a) I’ve already seen one of the plays I’m putting on the list and (b) July is a pretty slow month in the theater world.

Anyway, here’s what you would see if you were me:

  • Dylan Thomas’ Under Milk Wood by Porchlight Theatre. Features a performance by my friend Ron!
  • Killing My Lobster Springs Forward, Falls Back by Killing My Lobster. (Jul 10 – Jul 27.) Features sketches written by my friend Ken!
  • Liz Duffy Adams’ The Listener by Crowded Fire. (Jul 12 – Aug 03.) Features a performance by my friend Lawrence; written by my friend Liz!
  • Bay Area Playwrights Festival from Playwrights Foundation. (Jul 25 – Aug 03.) Features plays by my friends Geetha, Erin, Greg and Jonathan!

Wow. I guess I have more friends than I thought. Well, please note that I’m picking shows based on the fact that they sound cool and not to suck up to my friends. (Except for Ken, who I’m hoping buys me a beer.)

Also, it’s interesting (to me only, probably) that all of them are “by” a theater and not “at” a theater. In other words, if it’s “at” ACT, I would say “at.” But all of these are presented “by” companies “at” some theater they rented. Sleepwalkers are at the Phoenix; Crowded Fire is at the Traveling Jewish Theatre.

I guess my aesthetic runs toward theater companies that can’t afford theaters.


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