Magic Theatre Announces 2008-09 Season

You saw it here first! (Unless you saw it elsewhere.) The Magic has announced its first season under new artistic director Loretta Greco. As is my wont, I’ll accompany it with my own thoughts:

  • The K of D, an Urban Legend by Laura Schellhardt. This sounds awesome. One actress playing a bunch of characters to tell the “quirky and touching” story of Charlotte, who receives an eerie power from the dying kiss of her twin brother who’s killed by a reckless driver. Life, death, small towns, theatricality; what’s not to like?
  • Evie’s Waltz by Carter W. Lewis. I read a phenomenal play by Carter Lewis a few years back. This ain’t it, but it bodes well. This one’s about two parents whose son has been expelled for bringing a gun to school. Then their son’s girlfriend drops in on their backyard barbecue and it turns into “a high-stakes game of cat and mouse.” Sweet.
  • Tough Titty by Oni Faida Lampley. This one’s gonna be super emotional, because Lampley just recently lost her battle with breast cancer. Her play is an autobiographical story about facing the disease with “willpower, tenacity and humor.”
  • American Hwangap by Lloyd Suh. In Korea, Hwangap is a celebration of turning 60. This one has a man celebrating his sixtieth birthday by reconnecting with the family he abandoned 15 years earlier. I’ve heard it’s really well written; tight, spare and dramatic.
  • Mauritius by Theresa Rebeck. This one’s by the Pulitzer Prize-nominated author of The Scene, which SF Playhouse did a fantastic job with recently, and was Rebeck’s first play to run on Broadway. It’s about a woman who discovers the rarest stamp in the world in her dead mother’s inheritance and has to “outsmart collectors, dealers, and her own sister all the way to the bank.” Sounds great.
  • Mistakes Were Made by Craig Wright. Score! A world premiere of a play by Craig Wright, author of a bunch of great plays, a bunch of Six Feet Under episodes, and the show Dirty Sexy Money. Hard to tell what it’s about since it’s described as exploring “the darkly humorous side of modern existence as one man must negotiate the worst day of his life.” But it’s Craig Wright!

So, a couple world premieres, a couple second or third productions, a couple famous writers, a couple newer writers, some dark stuff, some sad stuff, some funny stuff. I’m in.