Magic Theatre Announces New Artistic Director

g.jpgAnd it’s Loretta Greco. They announced it today, although I found out on Friday at the Lit Committee meeting. Hmm, I guess we’ll see if the Lit Committee still exists in a few weeks, once the new A.D. starts making changes.

And, more important for me personally, I guess it also remains to be seen how much further my Sloan Initiative commission will go. So far I’ve turned in a first draft to the Magic and got some good notes. I’m working on a second draft and hope to see it in a Science On Stage reading in a few months. Assuming, again, that the Science On Stage series still exists in a few months….

But enough about me. Here’s a little bit about Loretta Greco for those who didn’t see Blackbird or Speed-the-Plow at A.C.T., which she directed (and which I thought, along with The Goat, were the best things A.C.T. did in the past few seasons):

Loretta Greco has previously directed the world premiere of Morbidity & Mortality for Magic Theatre and Speed-the-Plow, Blackbird, and Lackawanna Blues for ACT. Her New York premieres include: The Story, Lackawanna Blues, Two Sisters and a Piano (Public Theater); Victoria Martin: Math Team Queen, Touch, Gum (Women’s Project); Meshugah (Naked Angels); Mercy (Vineyard Theatre); A Park in Our House (New York Theater Workshop); and Under a Western Sky (INTAR/ Women’s Project). Regional credits include [a bunch of stuff you can read about here].

Will the Magic still be a new works, development-based theater? Will it still accept plays from any Bay Area playwright? Or will it switch to agent-only submissions? We shall see….