But Ben Brantley Hates Everything…?!

Check it out. The New York Times liked a show. And it just happens to be our own Peter Nachtrieb’s.

Yee-ha! Dare I say that there might just be a little San Francisco takeover going on in the theater world? Adam Bock, Peter Sinn Nachtrieb, Eugenie Chan, Betty Shamieh, Garret Groenveld, all doing well in New York. Aaron Loeb, Dan Hoyle, Marisela Orta, Mark Jackson, many more, all kicking ass here.

We may be in the middle of one of those times where, ten years from now, some grad student does a paper on “The San Francisco School Of Playwrights” and talks about how we all changed theater for all time.

So start taking notes. You don’t want to be like one of those Beat poets who got stoned and forgot exactly what it was that Allen Ginsberg guy was always going on about.

And come to the next Playwrights Pub Night (which me and Marisela and hopefully Peter this time will start planning in a few weeks, for a May unveiling). Meet some of these people before they all become too good to hang with the likes of you.


2 Replies to “But Ben Brantley Hates Everything…?!”

  1. Yes, the May Pub Night! I guess we should settle on a date when you, me and Peter are in town (or rather, when Peter is in town).

    Someone at the last night voted we pick a bar in the Castro…any ideas?

    There’s always the Inner Sunset, Noe Valley or Inner Richmond…I was just at the Dog’s Bollix last Friday. Very friendly there. But I know it’s horrible trying to park in my neighborhood.

    So…Inner Sunset or Noe Valley?

  2. yeah me!

    had an interesting convo with a theater professional in NY who did indeed feel like there was a San Francisco or Bay Area voice. Language, a brightness, some formal experimentation all seem to be common threads. I think it’s the hills. And the food. And the weather.

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