hoy.gifYeah, so, as far as I can tell, the folks at The Marsh read this post about how I missed the first go-round of Dan Hoyle’s Glickman Award-winning TINGS DEY HAPPEN and decided to restage the show for my benefit. So the least I could do was attend opening night of the new run.

Wowsa, this show is terrific. No surprise, since all of the performances I’ve seen at The Marsh have been really strong, partially because Charlie Varon and David Ford are two of the top directors of solo pieces in the country.

So many of the people they’ve worked with have gone on to have national, multi-year runs: Brian Copeland, Marga Gomez and Josh Kornbluth come to mind immediately, but there’ve been tons.

Hoyle is no exception. Son of Geoff Hoyle, the brilliant clown who worked with Bill Irwin for many years, he’s clearly inherited the ability to portray hundreds of characters, plus he’s got his own ability to nail dialects so that he can very convincingly speak in Nigerian pidgin, as well as Scottish, Japanese and about 30 versions of Nigerian-accented English.

The show is funny, dark, insightful and teaches you more than you’d think you’d want to know about oil politics in a part of Africa you’ll never go. Really freaking brilliant. And The Marsh is a sweet theater space; support ’em!