JUKEBOX STORIES at Impact Theater


Saturday night, we went with Marisela Orta and Erin Bregman to see Prince and Brandon’s JUKEBOX STORIES at La Val’s Subterranean Theater, produced by Impact Theater.

The show is pure genius. It’s funny, dramatic, theatrical, participatory. And not participatory in an improv “May I have a non-geographical location?” way. The audience actually creates the show: Brandon and Prince have more than 50 stories and songs, and the audience chooses them to create the show. So it’s different every night.

p2.jpgThere are also prizes along the way, for knowing trivia, for solving the Case of the Creamy Foam (suspects range from Zac Efron to Maury Povich to Barbie), or to make up for inappropriate touches and/or lap dances from one of the performers (usually Prince).

We had a complete blast at the show, and afterwards went for a drink with Brandon, Prince and their posse, even picking up a random stranger for a short while, and now I’m dying to yell out “The Goonies” during the “special request” section of the show.

Go see this show. See it twice. It’s the kind of thing you’re asking for when you ask, “Why can’t theater appeal to anyone under 50?”

Prince and Brandon — as well as Impact itself — will show you the way.


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