Tons of Changes in Bay Area Theaters

This article from the San Francisco Chronicle downplays it, pointing out that it’s only a small portion of the 200 theater companies in the Bay Area, but at first glance, you gotta admit there’ve been a lot of changes afoot in Bay Area theaters. Some upcoming and recent changes:

  • Timothy Near, AD of San Jose Rep, leaving in 2009
  • Chris Smith, AD of Magic Theatre, leaving at the end of this season
  • Greg Phillips, of Broadway by the Bay, leaving for Portland Center Stage
  • Ellen Gavin, AD of Brava, recently replaced by Raelle Myrick-Hodges
  • Tim Bair, AD of American Musical Theatre of San Jose, left last year
  • Paul Whitworth, AD of Shakespeare Santa Cruz, to be replaced by Marco Barricelli
  • Rebecca Novick, AD of Crowded Fire, replaced last year by Kent Nicholson and Cassie Beck
  • David Dower, founder of Z Space, left last year for Arena Stage
  • Jasson Minadakis, became new-ish AD of Marin Theatre Company as of last year
  • And, not mentioned in the article, Jessica Heidt left the Magic to become the new AD of Climate Theater

I mean, I guess overall that’s not a lot of change, but still…that’s a lot of change.