LOST & FOUND by Sleepwalkers Theatre

lost.pngGet in on the ground floor of an up-and-rocking theater company, quick. One week left!

I wrote about these guys a while back. Sleepwalkers is a new theater company dedicated to producing really good new theater at a low cost, with cheap tickets and cheaper beer (and, in this particular case, free cake).

They’re wrapping up their first full season, and if you get to this show before it closes on Feb 23, then ten years from now when they’re huge, you can lament how much cooler it was when they were doing awesome little shows in the Phoenix Theater.

And make no mistake: this is an awesome show. Written by a Canadian dude named David Ackerman, LOST & FOUND starts with a couple in an inflatable bed in a near-empty apartment after a one-night stand. It goes on to brilliantly tell the story of these two characters (played by Ian Riley and Sarah Savage) and how they try to connect.

Everything about this production is fantastic. The acting is top-notch, the direction is dead-on, the bare bones set works perfectly with the killer writing. You know what, let’s go back and call out the acting again: Ian and Sarah are unbelievably good. So there.

As a side note: Ackerman is apparently 6’5″ and now one of my favorite writers. Peter Nachtrieb is about 6’6″ and one of my favorite writers. Could there be something about being really, really tall that makes you a really, really good writer? Better ask Prince about that…


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