Pub Night Goes Off With Only One Tall Hitch

b.pngMarisela made it happen! Playwrights Pub Night took place last night, at the Liberties bar in the not-quite-Mission.

Unfortunately, Peter Nachtrieb had to back out at the last minute due to complications in flying off to New York for a hugely exciting production, so our “Look for the really tall guy” plan didn’t quite work.

But Mariella was there, and she had no problem running up to everyone who walked in the door and asking if they were a playwright, so I don’t think anyone walked in, shrugged, and left.

The event was great fun. A perfect mix of people who knew each other and people meeting for the first time. Enough people were excited about it that we’re thinking of making it a quarterly get-together that moves around the city, so look for something in May in some other part of town.