DEAD MOTHER at Traveling Jewish Theater

dm.pngFriday night, I loaded up on antihistamines and went to see David Greenspan’s DEAD MOTHER, OR SHIRLEY NOT ALL IN VAIN at Traveling Jewish Theater (in a co-production with Thick Description).

This show is a blast. It takes pretty much everything there is in theater and jams it into one play. Farce, Greek theater, staged readings, monologues, dialogue, gender-bending, impossible stage directions, someone dressed as a sperm whale.

The acting in particular rocks. Deb Fink, Gabe Marin, Liam Vincent, Dena Martinez, Louis Parnell, Corey Fischer. That’s a powerhouse of SF actors, if you ask me.

Thinking about going but not excited by my cold-medicine-afflicted post? Read the rave reviews in the Chronicle and SF Weekly. One more week!


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  1. I caught the final performance yesterday and my jaw dropped. The script is fantastic — a little too close to the way my own mind works :-( — and there is no way you could have left the theatre without renewed respect for the craft of acting. Both Gabe and Liam mentioned that David Greenspan, the playwright, wrote another play with an amazing script — She Stoops to Comedy. With luck maybe we’ll get to see it out here before too long.

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