“It’s So Good, I Made An Optometrist Appointment”

I’m not a reviewer or a critic, so no one ever pulls quotes from my bloggy blatherings. But if you were going to, I offer the one above.

I raise the issue because I just spent an inordinate amount of time flirting and negotiating with my eye doctor to get an appointment this Friday, since I’m pretty sure my prescription has changed (or I have a brain tumor blurring my vision).

Since I plan to just replace the lenses in my current frames, which means I’ll have at least five days with no glasses, I wanted to make sure I got my glasses back before JUKEBOX STORIES opens at Impact Theater.


Jukebox Stories is Prince Gomolvilas telling stories and Brandon Patton singing songs, with the set list up to the audience. People go time and time again, because it’s different every night.

It’s theater, it’s performance art, it’s hilarious, it’s touching, it has prizes. It’s at La Val’s in Berkeley, Feb 15 to Mar 22. Get your hearing aids tuned up; you don’t want to miss it!


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