Beer Is Good

b.pngBack in my old Austin days, we had a regular thing called Wednesday Night Beer Night. It was a casual, no-RSVP, no-expectations night where a group of us knew we could always drop in, see some people we knew, and drink cheap pitchers of Shiner Bock.

There were no expectations, so you didn’t have to worry about calling if you couldn’t make it. And precisely because it was so casual, most people in our posse would show up at some point.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were something similar to that for some of the playwrights in town? A chance to hang out without it being connected to a particular reading or festival or production or discussion panel?

Yeah, well, it ain’t gonna happen. At least, not on a weekly basis. A weekly thing wouldn’t work here in San Francisco the way it did in Austin because (a) everybody lives spread out all over the Bay Area, whereas in Austin everything is only a twenty-minute drive away (usually down Lamar) and (b) we don’t have that whatchamacallit thing they have in the suburbs, with the car and the place to put — what’s it, uh…? Oh, yeah: parking.

But quarterly, perhaps? Or at least, once? Could work. So Marisela Orta and Peter Nachtrieb and I are in the process of picking a bar in the Mission, finalizing an evite list, and finally doing this thing. Or, to be more precise, Marisela is doing all the work, and Peter’s picking the bar, and I’m, uh. Hmm. I guess I’m the official cheerleader.

So, it’s looking like February 9th. If I know you, and you want to go, and you’re a playwright, assume I will forget to send your email to Marisela and contact her yourself via her blog.

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