ARGONAUTIKA at Berkeley Rep

a.pngLast night we went to see Mary Zimmerman’s ARGONAUTIKA at Berkeley Rep. She does some of the most amazing visual things onstage, from puppets to props to creative use of fabrics and glitter.

I won’t go into detail in case someone’s going to see it this week (it closes on Dec 23), but I’ll just say my favorite moments were the sea monster, the boxing match and the baby. If you’ve seen it, you’ll know what I mean; if not, you’ll have to see it for yourself.

My one complaint is the same one I had with SECRETS IN THE WINGS, the last Zimmerman show I saw. She seems to spend all her time on the first act, and then runs out of ideas (or time) for the second act. So the shows are always a let-down at the end. Your mind is blown in act one, when a piece of fabric becomes a sea monster in one of the most theatrically thrilling fights I’ve seen. Then act two is a lot of talking with almost no visual effects at all, and the climactic slaying of a bull is just a dude with a couple of sticks on his head.

But that first act? Beautimous!