A Crowded Fire Christmas

monpng.pngLast night, I was able to drop in on Crowded Fire’s 10 year anniversary / holiday party. (Just after dinner with a friend and just before seeing my friend sing in a little jazz club in the Fillmore, cuz that’s just how cool and sought after I am.)

The party was in a gorgeous house in the Haight and had free-flowing cocktails and even a visit from the Ghosts of Season’s Past, Present and Future. A very nice (and brief) way to get people excited about the season: they had short, funny stories about past productions, then one or two monologues from upcoming productions to whet our appetites, and then talk about their increased focus on development.

Crowded Fire is awesome: they’re the place where most people in the Bay Area got their first tastes of Liz Duffy Adams, Lisa D’Amour, Shiela Callaghan, Erik Ehn, Trevor Allen, Christine Evans and writers of that sort. They tend to do small, frequent fundraising events like the Chili Cook-Off and this party, rather than one big $500-a-plate fundraiser, which leads to much more fun, intimate, community-building events. So get on their mailing list and get invited; if I’m hip and cool and sought after enough to be on a bulk mailing list, I bet you can be, too.