What Hath Marisela Wrought?

Last year Marisela got a bunch of theater bloggers to raise money for a middle school who needed a theater library. This year, Isaac at Parabasis has beat her to the punch and is organizing bloggers to raise money for a middle school building a theater program from scratch. That’s Marisela 1, Isaac 1, Pork Chop 19.8.

Donate at Donors Choose; it’s cheap, it’s easy, it’s the holiday season, it’s tax deductible. One of those oughta make you click.

2 Replies to “What Hath Marisela Wrought?”

  1. Whoa, hold your horses. Maybe it’s more a West Coast, East Coast challenge. It’s too bad that right now DonorsChoose has few Bay Area Theatre proposals, I’d love to find one so we could try and share the theatre love with our community here.

    But I think once or twice a year is a good for this fundraising.

    Perhaps Porkchop can be the official spokes cat…

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