The Playwrights’ Center Has A Blog

pc.pngAnd it goes by the brilliant name “The Playwrights’ Center Blog.” Two of my favorite playwrights have already chimed in.

Dan Dietz was an Austin playwright back when I was an Austin playwright. (And we each had offices in the late lamented ArtPlex back in Austin, although I have no reason to believe he ever knew I existed.) His stuff is awesome; he’s one of the main people who put Austin theater in general and Salvage Vanguard in particular on the national theater radar.

And Melanie Marnich was the playwright I lobbied for the most back when I was a literary management type with Frontera@Hyde Park Theater. We had a couple of her plays early on, and I think I may have annoyed the hell out of the artistic director with all my pushing for production.

Add it to your blogroll, people.