EXPEDITION 6 at Magic Theatre

exp.pngLast night was closing night of Bill Pullman’s EXPEDITION 6. Here’s how they described it on the website, which sums it up pretty well.

This imaginative docudrama explores the personal and political life-and-death crisis of two American astronauts and a Russian cosmonaut stranded in space after the Columbia Shuttle disaster. Pullman uses a company of eight actors, movement, live music, and low-flying trapezes in this stylized new work based on writings by astronauts, NASA reports, and other primary source materials.

The ensemble work was really great. Sort of reminded me of The Laramie Project, with the actors playing different real people, saying real things they said. The text is all found text, from newscasts, NASA records, Internet sites and the like.

The trapeze work, representing weightlessness in space, was super-cool. And the ending idea is brilliant and yet something I’d never put into words before: that “home” means different things depending on how far you’ve traveled. So after a trip to the grocery store, “home” is when you pull in the driveway. After an overseas trip, “home” is when you hit the ground in your country. And someday, after a trip to Mars, making it into earth orbit — where most of this play took place, which seemed so scary, and isolating, and far away — will be “home.”

Check it out! (If it plays somewhere else, since, you know, last night was closing night and all.)