I Do Actual Work, As Well

My friend Owen asked me what I was up to writing/career-wise and I pointed him to this here blog. So now I’ve got to quickly get down what’s been going on writing/career-wise, because I’m not as good as Marisela at keeping a blow-by-blow update of how things are going. (And I don’t have being sequestered as an excuse, either.)

Here what’s up with some plays:

1. My Sloan Commission play, tentatively called GYROBALL, is in the first draft stage and proceeding along nicely. I was afraid I’d be farther behind at this point, because there was a lot of scientific research I had to do, but I’m actually right on-schedule. I don’t have a full-on outline, but it’s more planned out than I’ve done in the past, so I’m able to skip around and write nonlinearly, which is fun. The first draft is due to the Magic Theatre in January.

2. The play that I developed with Just Theater called EXIT WOUNDS (formerly called What We Know Now) has gone through a rewrite or two and is now at the stage where I’m sending it out. There’s one theater in particular that I would most definitely like to see work on it, and in order not to jinx anything I will say no more, but they’re looking at it. This is also the one I’m planning to send to development folks like Playwrights Foundation and PlayPenn and those types of places.

3. BEYOND WORDS was a finalist for the Global Age Project at the Aurora. It needs one more pass after I turn in the Sloan play. I’m finally far enough away from the first draft that I can let go of my preconceived idea for the ending and explore other (cheaper) ways for the play to end.

4. My play HOT SPOT is a 2007 Heideman Award Finalist and up for production in the Humana Festival. I’m breaking my usual “don’t mention it so you don’t jinx it” pattern so that people can knock wood or send good vibes or channel Abraham’s Law of Attraction toward me. It’s my favorite 10-minute play that I’ve ever written (and I’ve written quite a few) so I’d love to see it get produced at the Humana Festival. I’ll find out in December.

5. I sent a couple of short plays to Sleepwalkers Theatre. They’re technically looking for a one-act, and all I had were 10-minute plays or full-lengths, so I sent a few short pieces that might be a match. At the very least, it will let them see if my aesthetic matches theirs.

6. I’LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS was in Best of PlayGround, STARTING OVER was done at Colonial Playhouse, and I improvised my way through a full-length puppets-and-humans musical extravaganza.


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  1. To all those who thought Owen was a literary invention, allowing me to post what I’ve been up to without seeming to be “all about me,” I offer Exhibit A above. Owen is a real boy.

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