Netflix Has Good Taste


Last night we watched a movie that we hadn’t heard of, but that Netflix kept insisting we would like, based on everything else we’ve ever watched. Damned if it wasn’t pretty cool. A film from Sundance 2003, very well-directed by Mr. Show‘s Bob Odenkirk, written by Michael Blieden, called MELVIN GOES TO DINNER.

m2.jpgSince I try to keep this thing focused on theater, let me quickly point out the film was based on Blieden’s long-running play PHYRO-GIANTS. Much of the film (and all of the play) takes place during one of those amazing four-hour-long dinner parties you’ve attended once or twice in your life, where by the end of the night you know who everyone in the room has dated, slept with, cheated on, or killed. Usually red wine is involved.

Adding to the fun are all the little cameos, from the famous (Jack Black, Maura Tierney, Laura Kightlinger, David Cross) to the people I used to know from the Austin improv/standup scene ten or twelve years ago (Joy Gohring, Howard Kremer, Chip Pope).

Go ahead and rate those Netflix movies you watch; you might stumble across something good.


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