Cheap Tickets. Cheaper Beer. Good Theater.



As promised, I made it to see the brand-new play DEEP FRIED CHEESE by Tore Ingersoll-Thorp, produced by equally-brand-new theater group Sleepwalkers Theatre.

This is the play I mentioned earlier about a competitive eater whose girlfriend becomes a vegan — a brilliant conceit with built-in drama, conflict and dudes shoving a lot of food into their mouths really, really fast.

My opinion: We should all keep an eye on these crazy kids. First of all, they had super-high production values for being such a low-budget show in the teeny little Climate Theater (which, for those not in the know, is a living-room-sized space crammed above a club known for ecstasy-fueled all-night parties).

Great lighting, just the right amount of props, plenty of hot dogs ready to be crammed down throats, and music composed specifically for this show. (Which also shows these guys are pros: scene changes aren’t easy in such a cramped space, so it’s good to have something cool to listen to.)

The other thing I really dug: Besides the nuttiness you’d expect from the premise, the play also had genuine, sincere emotions. It’s a real play, not just a goofy sketch stretched to the breaking point.

The crowd was young and glad to be there; the beer was only $2 (and we’re not talking Milwaukee’s Best here); the room was unbelievably hot; there were drunks hanging around outside; and a rave was about to start underneath us. What more could you ask for?

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