New Play Readings Just Keep A’Coming

fi.pngHot on the heels of the Playwrights Festival comes four more readings of new plays, part of Crowded Fire‘s Matchbox Reading Series.

Playwrights will be in attendance, and it’s free, so if you wanna hang with Liz Duffy Adams, this is the place.

I’m planning to at least catch the Erik Ehn show, since I missed his all-day thingy at Theater of Yugen.

August 18th at Intersection for the Arts
Burnt Umber, by Erik Ehn, 3pm
My Name is Vera Cupido, by Stephanie Fleischmann, 7pm

August 19th at The Marsh
About the Dogs, by Lizz Edele, 3pm
The Listener, by Liz Duffy Adams, 7pm

Free and open to the public. No reservations required. Bonfire on Ocean Beach after the Saturday show


3 Replies to “New Play Readings Just Keep A’Coming”

  1. Turns out the only one I was able to get to was Erik Ehn’s. And I’m sure you know it’s impossible to give a recap of an Erik Ehn play. There were words and images and characters and language and impossible things and generally I just sit back and let it wash over me. But trying to recap it is like trying to summarize a modern dance piece.

    One thing I loved: they announced that they were going to do a talkback, and then decided not to bother with it. I wish that happened more often.

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