A Sense of Community

Last night was one of those nights where you feel a real sense of a theater community. Two actors I know and love and work with from time to time, Danielle Thys and Nick Sholley, are teaming with my previously-mentioned friend Ian Walker to take the “Best Of San Francisco Fringe Festival” -winning play THE WAY LIGHT STRIKES FILLED MASON JARS to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


The play was written by Joe Besecker, who started and runs the Tuesday Night Writer’s Group That’s Meant To Meet Every Tuesday But Usually Ends Up Meeting About Once A Month that I’m a part of, and last night was a benefit performance to raise money for the Scotland trip. It was great how many people I saw from different Bay Area theater contexts.

Playwright Cass Brayton, who I know from PlayGround, was there. Lee Sankowich, who once directed a staged reading of a short play of mine, was there. Peggy Powell, who once directed an actual production of mine and is back from nine months in Russia, was there.

Then there was Eric and Megan and Thais and hey look that dude with the glasses who was in that staged reading and that one stage manager chick from…. Well, it was great fun — and a reminder that theater is local and that everyone in our local community is only one or two steps away from each other. (And that Danielle may be the Kevin Bacon of SF theater.)

Joe’s play, by the way, is really freaking brilliant. A beautiful, beautiful script, and the cast and direction and set and sound are all dead-on in this production. I’m sure I have thousands of readers in Scotland and to each of them I say: check it out.