Yee-ha! My friend Ian Walker (from my Tuesday Night Writers’ Group that purports to meet every Tuesday night but actually meets about once a month) has a new play up and running at Traveling Jewish Theater, and I was finally un-sick enough to get back to seeing shows.

I was intimately involved in the early days of this thing, reading various parts around the table when it was a work-in-progress, so I can’t really “review” it or anything. But it was fun seeing it on its feet, and the audience seemed to love it, and it’s had some great reviews, and it won the 2006 International Larry Corse Prize, so I’ll assume I wasn’t the only happy person in the audience.

No point in urging everyone to see it, since it closes tonight, but keep an eye out for Second Wind’s next production: Ian is one of the Bay Area’s most promising emerging playwrights. Or, as the Oakland Tribune put it, one of the “Bay Area’s most promising emerging playwrights.”