Five Plays In One Day!

I just got confirmation of my reservation to THE CYCLE PLAYS by Erik Ehn and Theatre of Yugen. Five plays to be performed in a one-day-only marathon on 07/07/07.

This marathon theatrical event presents American stories told in the signature poetic, dance-drama style of Yugen, with its roots in the spirit of Noh…. The five categories of plays forming the traditional Noh architecture are re-invented in the lexicon of Western archetypes and with American legendary figures.

hk.jpgThe program’s divided into two parts, and you can come to one or both, but c’mon. You gotta do both. The show’s free but reservations are highly recommended. Here’s the lineup, which I can pimp freely because I have absolutely no stake in the show. I’m not in it; I didn’t work on it; I don’t think I know anyone in the show. I took a workshop with Erik Ehn once, but that’s about it.

First Sitting: 9:30 (Performance start time 10 am)

  • 10,000 – The day begins with a ritual dance play created with founder Yuriko Doi.
  • Winterland – the God Play – is about two girls and their quest to see Johnny Rotten and the Sex Pistols in their last performance at Winterland in San Francisco
  • Guest comedy artist Laura Jorgensen & Fred Curchack
  • Letters from a Small House – the Warrior Play – examines the life of Unabomber Ted Kaczinski

Meal Break

Second Sitting 3:00 (Performance start time 3:30 pm)

  • Dark/Silent – the Woman’s play – centers on Helen Keller
  • Guest comedy artist – mugwumpin
  • Long Day’s Journey into Night – the fourth category play is a Mad Woman Play with an adaptation of O’Neill’s American classic
  • Guest comedy artist – Moshe Cohen
  • Pretty – the fifth category Demon Play – is the story of the abduction and murder of a young girl.

You gotta love theater with a “meal break.” Take that, Coast of Utopia viewers. I bet there was no Sex Pistols or Unabombers in your marathon.

Wanna find out more? The website has scripts, music mp3s, and podcast interviews — and rehearsals are open to the public!

July 7th, 2007
at Project Artaud Theater in San Francisco
FREE – reservations strongly recommended
(415) 621-7978 or online


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