Give a Few Bucks to Future Starving Playwrights

Here’s the story. Marisela found this cool web site called Donors Choose. It’s a site that lets teachers propose radical projects like going on field trips or buying actual textbooks. Then people can donate $5 or $10 to help out. Being a theater type, she did a “drama” search and found a middle school in Queens that’s trying to build a theater library. And all they need is a measly $511.

Don’t you wanna drop a couple bucks to help some kids? Here’s a teacher trying to teach without enough supplies, and some kids trying to learn without any books. Support theater, or support kids, or support hard-working teachers, or support Queens. Whatever it is that will stir you to help, pretend I just said it.

Go here to donate to the theater library or go here to learn more about Donors Choose.


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