nq.pngEnrique’s in town with a new play. After the amazing THE DANGER OF BLEEDING BROWN and the unseen-by-me but award-winning LEARN TO BE LATINA, he presented a staged reading of his latest full-length last night at the National Queer Arts Festival. The official description:

A young trans man returns home to rural Virginia on his way to start a new life in San Francisco. A young Latina struggling to leave is the only one who sees what’s really going on around her. Will their new found love survive when her nightmare is brought to life? Will they? You can always go home again…just don’t expect to leave.

I love the raw emotions and the non-literal storytelling in Enrique’s work. Two things really stand out for me in his plays: his use of repeating scenes that are mysterious when we first see them but heart-breaking when we see them later, and his use of tableaus and montages set to very specific music. I can’t wait till people start giving these pieces the full productions they deserve.


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  1. Hey man! I really appreciate you coming out to hear my new play last night. It was great to have you in the audience and to see you again. Let’s chat about it soon–I’d love your feedback.

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