My friend Aaron’s play is getting great reviews, huge crowds and is now being extended. It shows the aftermath of a school shooting from several points of view, and the particularly interesting point of view is from inside the video game company being sued for creating a violent “first person shooter” game.

The thing I like best about Aaron’s work is his rapid changes from comedy to seriousness and back. It takes skilled actors and directors to pull it off, and SF Playhouse’s got ’em. Especially my man Chad Deverman (who was the ghost of JFK in my staged reading a couple months back), who has impeccable timing.

I saw it Wednesday night, on one of my rare off-days in May. At one point, I was mistaken for Aaron by someone who met both of us at a Best Of PlayGround festival. I came very close to pretending I was him and seeing if I could get invited to do a talkback that night.