A Thing I’m In

t.jpgPreview weekend has come and gone and we’re officially open. I performed in two shows, Friday night and a Saturday matinee. I was going to summarize them, but then Alan did a great job.

Keep in mind that these stories are completely improvised; no one has any idea what’s going to happen, and yet they still end up with satisfying story arcs and fun character journeys.

In the Saturday show, I went into a scene thinking I was setting up the antagonist. Turned out I became the protagonist:

Saturday: Never Enough
Mister Thor (puppet performed by Me) decides to capitalize on global warming by hoarding bottled water, but soon is betrayed and finds himself in jail robbed of everything he held dear. After a post-prison therapy session (where the puppet used his own puppets to work through his issues!), he discovers all he really wanted was the respect of his girlfriend Debbie (puppet performed by Amber) and the love of his long lost brother Hidalgo (puppet performed by Clay).

The show runs Thursdays through Saturdays until June 2 at the SF Playhouse 2nd Stage, 533 Sutter, SF. I’m in some of them. Tickets are here.


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