Building a San Francisco Theater Community

Hooray for this: an attempt to get all the various people involved in Bay Area theater to start thinking of themselves as one community.

We invited around 40 performing arts people including directors, actors, producers, critics etc to a gathering at Last Planet Theatre. John and Kimball spearheaded an amazing feast. Somehow we managed to cook a five course, sit-down meal for everyone as well as coordinate entertainment. . .

The evening was a lot of fun, but best of all, it made for a sublime way to kick off a conversation about theatre. Each dinner course was served with a new question, which we asked our guests to discuss.

The questions ranged from the one at the top of this blog entry [Making Theatre As Vital To The Body As Food], to considering how we might encourage audiences to talk about theatre more and what elements have to be in place to create a great theatrical experience.

I hope it can continue (maybe without the fancy dinner every time). Go read it: Chloe also delves into the perennially interesting topic of just how close a critic should get to the people she’s criticizing, so it should be of interest to people outside of the Bay Area, as well.