b.jpgSo I splurged and got orchestra tickets to the Broadway touring production of WHO’S AFRAID, with Bill Irwin and Kathleen Turner. And I’m glad I was up close. Bill Irwin does some amazing stuff, some of the most subtle physical acting I’ve seen.

His George starts out almost concave and beaten down. But there’s a powerful passive-aggressive strength there, a quick wit, a dark streak that lets him hold his own against Martha, and that seething but hidden anger gives you a good idea of how Martha got that way.

This production completely kicks the movie’s ass. If you’ve read the play but haven’t seen a production, or if your impression of the play is a couple of drunks onscreen yelling at each other all night, you need to see this version. Wonderful.

Three hours long, with two intermissions, and the whole thing flies by, engaging your mind the entire time. Compare that to the three hours I spent at Grindhouse, which felt like two-and-a-half days and left me wondering why I wasn’t more like Malachy.