PlayGround Benefit

Last night, PlayGround debuted its new benefit format. Back in the day, they’d have a performance of 10-minute plays written by famous non-Writers Pool playwrights.

philip_carey.jpgThis time, they upscaled the proceedings, with a fancy dinner on the Berkeley Rep stage and what they called a “fireside chat” with Philip Gotanda and Carey Perloff. Safety codes prohibited any actual fire, but the chat was interesting nonetheless.

Then there was a short award presentation, where I got a second Emerging Playwright Award, and then they announced the fellowship/commission winners: Molly Rhodes and Evelyn Pine. Super-cool. Can’t wait to see their full-length plays, especially the “mathematician with malaria, post-9/11, with a walk-on by Tom Swift” that Molly and I spontaneously created by combining all three of her proposed plays into one glorious show.


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  1. Congrats on the Emerging playwright award! I thought I saw your head peaking out from the giant playwright vaginal tunnel we’re apparently stuck inside and trying to escape.

    I hope someone will try to psychoanalyze me through this comment.

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