p.jpgHave I mentioned that my play I’LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS was selected for production in this year’s Best of PlayGround Festival? Let’s do a quick scroll down the page: Peter, puppets, pleasure, pain. Nope.

Well, I’m mentioning it now. I’m super-excited because the play:

  1. Is in good company, along with some really great stuff by Daniel Heath, Aaron Loeb, Evelyn Pine, Molly Rhodes, Martha Soukup and Richard Weingart.
  2. Has some cool physical bits that worked surprisingly well during the reading and I can only hope will work even better when the actor isn’t holding a script.
  3. Will be directed by Mark Routhier, who directed the staged reading of one of my favorites of the season, Aaron’s UNPLEASANTRIES, which just happens to be one of the shows you’ll get to see if you come to the festival.

Put it on your calendar. May 10-20 at Zeum Theater in San Francisco. I’ll let you know who’s in the cast as soon as I find out.


4 Replies to “I Got Into BEST OF PLAYGROUND!”

  1. Enrique’s gonna be back in town?!! Super-groovalicious. You better invite me out this time. :-)

    And thanks, Malachy! Regular readers may not be aware of this, but Malachy was recently featured in the BEST OF THE BEST OF PLAYGROUND. That’s one “best” better than the rest of us!

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