Exciting News From A Paranoid Man

Here’s how superstitious I am. I was reluctant to mention this because I didn’t want to jinx it beforehand. Then I got it, and I’ve still been reluctant to mention it because, I don’t know, I didn’t want to have time reverse and be jinxed in retrospect.

So, the deal is this. Back in the day, I was a mainstage improvisor in Austin. Five shows a week, short-form, long-form, the occasional improvised sitcom or improvised musical.

When I got to the Bay Area, I started concentrating on playwriting, figuring I’d get back to improvising “some day.” Cut to several years since I’ve been onstage, and I found myself seriously getting the urge to do something, anything, improvised.

un.jpgIn my wildest dreams, I’d find myself wishing I could work with Un-Scripted Theater. Un-Scripted has been my favorite improv group that I’ve seen since I got here. Their scenes are always fresh, smart, intelligent and surprising. I once saw them do a 2-hour improvised musical about M’s hometown, Kellyville, Oklahoma, with an improvised song we still sing around the house. (“Kellyville, so close to being famous….”)

A couple weeks ago, M saw an audition notice for their Great Puppet Musical. Puppets improvise with humans to create an improvised musical. Holy crap! I dig puppets, I like improvising songs, I love Un-Scripted, and they have guest improvisors?

pup.jpgI auditioned. But I didn’t tell anybody because I didn’t want to jinx it. I got in. But I didn’t tell anybody because I didn’t want to jinx it. We actually had a rehearsal last night, and I’m still worried that mentioning it will somehow make it all go away.

But it looks like I’ll be doing some shows, improvising a long-form story, operating a puppet, and making up songs, all at the same time. More details to come. Unless I just jinxed it.

3 Replies to “Exciting News From A Paranoid Man”

  1. I can’t believe you saw Kellyville! Setting that chorus has got to be the best thing I’ve ever done in an improvised song. I can’t believe you were in Omaha last year. I’m a playwright too, you know. Or at least I used to be.

  2. Awesome! You know Enrique had a sock puppet in his Learn To Be Latina Play, Calcetina (sock) was her name. Can’t wait to see a show.


  3. Alan: I can’t believe you’re the one that set that chorus. That was brilliant. One of my favorite improv moments. It’s funny: the moment that made me wish I was in PlayGround was watching Tom Swift’s MY NAME IS YIN. And the moment that made me wish I was in Un-Scripted was watching you make up that Kellyville song. And now I know both you dudes! Alert Oprah! The Secret works!

    Marisela: I’ll definitely let you know the dates. I had no idea about Enrque’s play, but I am starting to think that maybe all plays should have a puppet.

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