What A Fun Reading

So the reading has come and gone. Joy did a fantastic job with the casting: Lawrence Radecker, Michael Navarra, Christen Karle and Chad Deverman. It’s fun to watch actors hone in on the rhythms of a script. We started with a table read where some of the actors were seeing the script for the first time. And just six hours later they were completely nailing their characters, the tone of the piece, the timing, everything.

Since it’s the first time this piece (which was just an idea for a piece only five months ago) was read by real actors, I spent most of the time in the back corner, scribbling notes on everything I want to change. But it’s a workable first draft, and I’m excited about putting it away for a while and then attacking it with everything I’ve learned.

So…thanks to Molly and Jonathon for helping birth a play, to Joy for bringing it to life, to the actors for being so damn good at their jobs, to M for knowing the right things to say at the right times, and to the surprisingly large crowd for making it look like I have a following. Bonus points to Cara, Rick, Marisela, Ken, Maria and Jeff for drinking beer on a school night.


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  1. He was fantastic. He and Michael as father and son conspiracy theorists had brilliant chemistry. I’ll tell him you exclaimed his name.

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