Here, Here

That’s not a typo. I mean that “here, here in San Francisco,” somebody should be doing this:

13P formed with the mission to produce one play by each of its members; its sixth production is scheduled for this year. The managing director, Rob Handel, said he thinks that large theater companies should drop their unwieldy reading series and replace them with nimbler, production-oriented programs. At the TDF [Theatre Development Fund] discussion he was invited to, he recalled, “One person said: ‘Take this money that you’re spending on reading a hundred scripts, and instead find some hungry young director right out of school whom you can pay $5 and he’ll go crazy and read a bunch of plays. Give him your second stage on Monday nights, and let him find shows and put them up quick and dirty’ — just the way 13P does,” Mr. Handel continued. “It seems like that would be a better and more exciting way for a big institution to spend its money than by having a series of readings.”

From the New York Sun article everyone’s linking to (when they’re not linking to the Albee thing.) The first problem, of course, is finding space to do it. We’re woefully short of space in general in SF; finding space to put a theater or a second stage is tough. Makes me homesick for Austin, where every time you turn around, someone’s building a new space.