BIG DEATH & LITTLE DEATH from Crowded Fire

bd2.pngGot to see Crowded Fire‘s production of Mickey Birnbaum’s BIG DEATH & LITTLE DEATH last night and had a great time.

It’s a really good play. I described it to someone as “a hilarious Donnie Darko” which is a terrible description, so I dug up Mickey Birnbaum’s own description on his website:

In the shadow of the first Gulf War, two discontented suburban teenagers ponder their choices in life—whether to go to college, sleep with the guidance counselor, or destroy the universe. Mom exerts her questionable psychic powers while war-vet Dad promotes death as a family value, photographing a gruesome array of car accident scenes. The dead spring to life and the living imitate the dead in this dark comedy about the end of the world as we know it.

Great comic timing; cool use of the entire theater; music that’s important to the story; and some damn funny oddness that’s not just odd for the sake of odd but has a serious, thoughtful point. And it still runs for a week!