AMERICAN $UICIDE from Encore and Z Plays

a.gifSaw AMERICAN $UICIDE a few days ago and had a bunch of incoherent thoughts that I’ve been unable to pull together. Then I realized I’m not a critic or a reviewer or even a guy who posts notices of area plays. So I can just put down a jumble of things I’ve thought about since then and get back to my own writing.

  • Dialogue is always funnier when it’s said in a rapid-fire 1930’s screwball comedy kind of way.
  • I like when an actor plays multiple parts. I like it more than I realized.
  • There are no bad seats in the Thick House; but there may be bad people who sneak in smelly fast food during intermission.
  • Over-the-top “theatuh people” characters are funny, especially when they have the same name as the real executive director of the Theatre Communications Group.
  • There are some really, really, really, really good actors in the Bay Area.
  • You can have a play that’s on a more or less realistic set and then suddenly move the walls and be in a nonrealistic setting. Very effective and cool.
  • There’s a reason a lot of Woody Allen movies are 75 minutes long. Two hours is probably too long for a farce.
  • I like plays that acknowledge that we’re all in a theater and don’t worry about suspension of disbelief and take a moment or two to interact directly with the audience.
  • If you move back a row to keep the row in front of you open, someone will sit in the seats you just left. Then if you move back again, someone else will sit in those seats. Eventually you will have moved from the second row to the almost back row.