I Am A Vampire

Try as I might to do the more convenient thing—write my plays during the day, or in the morning, or during prime time instead of watching hours of Tivo’ed shows—I find my best writing always comes between 10pm and 2am (and, when I’m on a roll, till 4am). Something about the quiet, the darkness, the idea that no one else on my block is up at that time, allows me to tap into better and truer stuff then when I’m trying to write at 2pm in between conference calls, or on a bus, or in a café or something.

I can edit, rewrite, format and do all the little stuff during the day, but my initial, free-flowing first drafts have to be written in the middle of the night. Still, I can’t help wishing I was one of those people who wakes up at 5am, gets some coffee, does three or four hours of writing, and has the entire rest of the day free to watch Deadwood on DVD.