43 PLAYS FOR 43 PRESIDENTS by Rough & Tumble

Finally, I can use the vast (3) readership of this blog to create a groundswell that storms the box office of a theater and changes history! Yes, I actually went to an OPENING NIGHT of a play. Not the last night. Not the last week. Not when it was too late for anyone to go see it. No, you (yes, you!) could read this post and still have plenty of time to see this play.

43a.gifAnd you should. This play reminded me of why I write plays. It’s funny, it’s serious, it’s theatrical, it’s got a point-of-view, it’s got beer. That’s everything I look for in a show.

It’s the West Coast premiere of a show written by the Neo-Futurists. Surely you know of them, or at least of their TOO MUCH LIGHT MAKES THE BABY GO BLIND. They do remarkable short plays—and they are definitely plays. Not two-minute long sketches. Actual, full-on, amazingly effective plays that play out in as little as 45 seconds.

Some have no words, some have fire, some have balloons used to make a point about racism, some are hilarious, some are poignant. I was giddy when I left and I’ve been writing furiously all weekend. This is a fabulous production with terrific actors and brilliant staging. It’s by Rough & Tumble at LaVal’s in Berkeley through January 27th, 2007. Go!