t.jpgThere are a couple of writers who I find instantly inspiring, and every time I stumble across something about or by them, it gets me excited about writing all over again. Migdalia Cruz, Mac Wellman, Suzan-Lori Parks: something about the way they speak about theater and writing makes me want to whip out a notebook and get to it immediately.

That’s how I’m feeling tonight after watching THE TOPDOG DIARIES. M told me about this DVD back when I was going through one of my occasional Suzan-Lori Parks obsessive periods. I’d just seen a great production of TOPDOG/UNDERDOG by these guys, which inspired me to re-read VENUS and read some of the play-a-day plays—but I’d never heard of this DVD. It finally made it’s way to the top of the Netflix list and I checked it out tonight. Highly recommended. Follows her artistic process from start to finish, with lots of footage of rehearsals, rewrites and performances. And if you’re a writer, it will inspire you to tell your clients you’re unavailable tomorrow and spend the whole day working on your play. Or maybe that’s just me.