My 2006 Year-End “Best Of” List

Best Album

Best Play
Forward pass

Best Letter
M and Z (Tie)

Best St. Louis Suburb Named For Groves
Webster Groves

Best Christmas Song No One Else Knows About
“My Baby Fell For Old St. Nick”

Best Plural Word Often Misused As Single Word


Best Christmas Gift
Panini Maker

Best Word To Use To Sound Smart

Best Guy I Met This Year Named “Jonathan”

Best Island Of Tonga


Best Pulp Novel

“Grifter’s Game” by Lawrence Block

One Reply to “My 2006 Year-End “Best Of” List”

  1. Thanks Tim, I’m flattered. Unless you happened to meet the Jonathan Spector who plays soccer for Manchester United and you’re referring to him. If that’s the case than “damn you doppleganger, you beat me again, just as you always do on google.”

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