JUKEBOX STORIES at Impact Theatre

js.jpgCan I just say that Impact is one of my favorite theater companies in the Bay Area? They do kickass plays by people I really dig. I mean, check out some of the people they’ve produced: Sheila Callaghan, Trevor Allen, Elizabeth Meriwether, Peter Nachtrieb. And now Prince Gomolvilas. Come on, people! It’s like they choose their season off of my blogroll.

Prince’s new show completely rocks, although it’s almost undescribable (as evidenced by the two critics who respectively called it “delightfully theatrical” and “decidedly untheatrical.”) Put me in the “theatrical” camp. I think it’s theater, performance art, cabaret, improv — everything ever done on a stage rolled into one fantastic night.

And I should correct myself: the “stories” part is by Prince. The “jukebox” part comes from Brandon Patton. Together, they’ve got a show that’s probably gonna play L.A. and Brooklyn, so if you’re, say, Malachy or Isaac or Sheila or Davina, you should keep an eye out.


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  1. Hey hey!

    Thanks for the heads up.

    Yay for Bay Area theater companies touring. foolsFURY is coming to NY in June, which makes my heart explode with juicy glee!

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