I Love Being Surrounded By Geniuses

Another meeting of the Just Theater play development lab. I can’t tell you how exciting and inspiring it is to be with these writers and listen to their works-in-progress. Everyone’s work is so damn good, it makes me want to hole up in a little room and do nothing but write just to keep up. And the comments and insights are always dead-on. I wish we met every week. (Except, of course, I don’t really wish we met every week.)


One Reply to “I Love Being Surrounded By Geniuses”

  1. Just Theater and I – like to ships passing in the night (okay, the metaphor sucks since we would be passing over, like, the humongous expanse of land that is middle America).

    Please tell them I say hello and that I hope our paths cross again (in the same city!).

    Happy new year!

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